Translation of text to pictures of “Der grosse Schweitzer Sennenhund” by Magrit Scheitlin, DVM,Switzerland. Published approx. 1945 as a part of the Swiss Stud Book vol XLV.



Bello v Schlossgut, SSB 3965, born in 1905 in Shoentannen (Duerbach region, canton of Berne). Pedigree unknown. Shown in 1908 in Langenthal near Berne by Mr Schertenleib, 67 cm (26.4”) at withers, with good colors and symmetrical markings. This dog is the first recognized in 1908 by the great supporter of the Swiss Mtn Dogs, Albert Heim, as not just another short haired Berner but as…”a representation of the almost extinct former ‘Butchers dogs’, the ‘Great Swiss Mountain Dogs’. Thus the last of the four Swiss Mountain and Cattle dog breeds gained recognition and pure breeding began. 



Barri von Herzogbuchsee, Swiss Studbook SSB 4520, from Heim: “The Swiss Mtn Dogs, 1914. Typical GSMD at the beginning of pure breeding. Barri was one of the “Founding Fathers” of the GSMD. The colors were slightly faded and he carried the rather short tail in a floating manner. The dog was shown for the first time in 1909. 




Baldo v Hinterfeld, SHSB 27 106. Single tree cart of Mr. Marti. Milkman in Olten, Switzerland. Cart has only one shaft held by handler. Dog is only assisting in pulling vehicle. 


Arno v Fryberg, SHSB 29413. Single tree wagon of Mr. Mauer, Master baker of Langenthal, Switzerland. Driver sits on the wagon. Dog pulls independently and is guided like a horse. Dog and wagon are very good. Harness could be better. Breast strap is narrow.


Double tree wagon. Good collar harness. Shaft between dogs (dogs are guided by driver who sits on wagon). Dog to the right Miggi v Riederholz, SHSB 25960. To the left Champion Bello v Steinenberg, SHSB 22935. Owner—Mr. Mueller-Isch. Frauenfeld, Switzerland. 




Gero Hohlinden, SSB 93910, 16 months old. Heavy frame type GSMD with too much white markings (white collar). 




Primo von Riethuesli, SSB 86136, 4-1/2 years old. Medium-heavy frame without white markings. 




Duro con Faelliwald, SSB 86408. 2-1/2 years old. Light frame GSMD with characteristic markings. 




Typical head of bitch. Flora con Diepoldsauwald, SSB 91707. 2 years old. Medium-heavy frame with characteristic markings. 



Arno von Fryberg SHSB 9413. Born 8-09-1927. Son of Bello v Steinenberg, a stud of extraordinary importance for the breed. In 1927, Gottfried Lanz of Roggwill near Berne obtained from the Swiss kennel Club the trademark for the kennel name “von Fryberg” and thus created something of a breeding center for the GSMD (Photo: A. Dauer, 1929).





Juno von Hetzensberg, SSB 59387, TYPICAL. Well proportioned animal with medium-heavy frame (picture by F Leimgruber). 




GSMD with major structural faults. Frame too light. Too high in rear and sway backed.



TYPICAL BITCH. Dora von Faelliwald, SSB 86411, 4-1/2 years old. Very nice bitch with medium-heavy frame, with good front and rear angulation. 




GSMD BITCH with major structural faults. Frame too light.




Gondo Hohlinden, SSB 93911. 1-1/2 years old with light frame and long legs. Front and rear angulation too steep.   




 Bruno von Kulm, SSB 87562.  4 years old, heavy frame, stocky type GSMD, with very good angulation.