J litter puppies are four weeks old now!



We are proud to present our new litter!

July 7, 2020 3 beautiful boys were born!


 Litter J'20


Int & Multi ch & Multi Winner

Bard Nerawin Forever

HD-A/A; ED - O/O; OCD free 

                      (Lee Nordas Salto Del Angell & Anate Faraome Braitennart)               


                                         Int & Multi ch & Multi Winner

               Meafiton Erster Stern Rambos

                                            HD-A/B; ED - O/O; OCD free 

                                (Rammstein From Swiss Star & Meafiton Bose)     


BARD (Bard Nerawin Forever) and BELLA (Meafiton Erster Stern Rambos) children  BRABUS, WUDDY and LEO on NDS in Valga 02.02.2020.